Who We Are



I dedicate AquaLuz to my teachers Saul David Raye and Miguel Angel who have helped me shape and share this vision of healing, this version of planetary devotion. And, of course, I dedicate AquaLuz to the Mother – Lakshmi, Tara, Ixmel, Pachamama, Mother Mary, Ishtar, and all the other mothers of us all.

Fukushima has been the dragon that woke me up to the danger and disease carried in our Earth’s waters. All the waters on Earth are connected and by healing our local waters, we heal all the waters, including the Pacific ocean.

AquaLuz is a global ceremony bringing us together with intention, vibration, prayer, and the incarnation of light – crystals. You can start now to energize your crystals with your own prayers, chants, intentions so that when we place them together in the Earth’s waters, they will hold our love and healing powers. We will place them into the water on the Fall Equinox Eve and chant ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ – placing our heart’s energy into the water, the jewel into the lotus.

© 2015 AquaLuz